Nor-Lea Hospital District takes the proper usage and protection of confidential information very seriously. Our HIPAA policies are in place to ensure that confidential patient information remains protected and that it is only accessed when necessary and only by the appropriate personnel.

Examples of confidential information, include (but are not limited to): details about illness or conditions; genetic information; information about treatments; photographs or videos of a patient; provider notes; and conversations between a patient and provider. 

Employees don’t automatically have a right to see or hear confidential patient information. To see a patient’s information , an employee must need it to provide care and/or perform his or her job

HIPAA Security:

Keep all patient information secure, keep computer screens and paper records out of view of unauthorized people and be sure to log off of any computer you are working on when you leave it.

Do not talk about patients in public; hallways, cafeteria, break room, outside of other patient rooms. 
Do not text information about a patient to another provider, nurse, staff member. 
Do not text orders on your phone.

Use of social media is not allowed while on duty.

Do not post pictures while at work or after work pertaining to Nor-Lea Hospital District.
Do not take pictures while you are in any of the facilities.
Do not post about any “interesting cases” you may have encountered during your day, it is still a HIPAA violation even when names are not mentioned.

For questions concerning HIPAA or for more information, please contact Josue Rodriguez at (575) 396-6611 ext. 1103.