By law, under the Inspection of Public Records Act (the “Act”), NMSA §14-2-1 et seq., every person has the right to inspect public records of Nor-Lea Hospital District. Compliance with requests to inspect public records is an integral part of the routine duties of the officers and employees of Nor-Lea Hospital District and we are committed to providing access to public records in an efficient and responsible manner.

Procedures for Requesting Inspection

Requests to inspect public records should be submitted to the Nor-Lea Hospital District records custodian as provided below. You may submit a request to the records custodian orally or in writing. However, the procedures and penalties prescribed by the Act apply only to written requests. A written request must contain the name, address, and telephone number of the person making the request. Written requests may be submitted in person or sent via U.S. mail, email, or facsimile. The request must describe the records sought in sufficient detail to enable Nor-Lea Hospital District to identify and locate the requested records. Please include in your request if you would accept a response by email with the responsive records attached electronically, or if you intend to visit Nor-Lea Hospital District offices to inspect the records in person. If you inspect the records in person and request copies to be made of certain records, or if you would like the records printed and mailed to you, Nor-Lea Hospital District charges a fee of $.50 per page. Nor-Lea Hospital District requires payment for the copies to be made in advance. A receipt indicating that the fees have been paid will be provided to you upon request.

Please submit your requests as follows:

By U.S. mail or hand delivery:

Records Custodian
1600 N. Main St.
Lovington, NM 88260

By fax: Attn: Records Custodian (575) 396-0318

By email: Records Custodian

PH: 575-396-9060 | FAX: 575-396-0318

Nor-Lea Hospital District shall permit inspection immediately or as soon as practicable, but no later than 15 calendar days after the records custodian receives the inspection request, as long as the request is not excessively broad or burdensome. If inspection is not permitted within three business days, we will send you a written response explaining when the records will be available for inspection or when Nor-Lea Hospital District will respond to the request. The three-day period shall not begin until the written request is delivered to the office of the custodian and for purposes of the deadlines imposed by the Act, the day the written request is received is not counted.

If any of the records you request are exempt from production under the Act, Nor-Lea Hospital District will provide you a written response explaining the reasons inspection has been denied.


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Inspection of Public Records Act

The Inspection of Public Records Act is intended to provide the public with access to information on governmental affairs. The law requires public access to virtually all public records with a few exceptions. Most records are available for public inspection during normal business hours. To request to inspect records from Nor-Lea Hospital District, please fill out the electronic form, below.

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