Many factors influence the actual cost of a service, such as type of insurance coverage, as many times rates are negotiated with payers and may not reflect the standard charge. The cost of treatment may also be impacted by variables involved in a patient’s care, such as equipment, supplies, length of surgery or recovery, additional tests, or sometimes unexpected complications.

There may be additional fees by third party facilities for services such as pathology and radiology. These charges are billed separately.

Please contact Financial Counseling to obtain an estimate on charges at 575-396-6611 ext 2756

Disclaimer: Nor Lea Hospital District determines its standard charges for patient items and services through the use of a chargemaster system, which is a list of charges for the components of patient care that go into every patient’s bill. These are the baseline rates for items and services provided at the Hospital. The chargemaster is similar in concept to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (“MSRP”) on a particular product or good. The charges listed provide only a general starting point in determining the potential costs of an individual patient’s care at the Hospital. This list does not reflect the actual out-of-pocket costs that may be paid by a patient for any particular service, it is not binding, and the actual charges for items and services may vary.

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